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Different culinary tastes and being 12,000 miles away from Vietnam came with their useful perks, however. For the first time in our lives, we realize just how powerful familiar tastes were; of how a slight tinge of coriander leaf, concealed amidst the piquant mix of marinated satay beef could mean a world of differences to a cultural food enthusiast. Just imagine fusing that essence with the richness of a specially brewed cup of Taiwanese black milk-tea and see what lies await?

With Amitea, we are one step closer to achieving our philosophy of sharing authenticity and familiarity to the foodies’ community here in Calgary. Our dreams are simple, yet ambitious: we edicate our hearts in blending bold flavors and intimate friendships together, over a sip of tea and a bite of bread at a time. Our vision for the future revolves around giving back to the community that has supported us so much over the past few years: we strive to bring everyone
along the way of enjoying our limitless passion for tea and street-food.

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