Ami Fruity Drink

Mini series – Meet our drinks series

Fruity drinks are juice-like drinks prepared with concentrated with fruit extracts, with a unique touch of tea to bring about a herbal tea, or even milk tea to create a playful mix of dairy and fruits.

To retain and enhance the flavors and fragrant of the fruits that we’ve all know and love, we make sure that the most natural ingredient is used in the process of manufacturing the extracts.

Some of our recommendations are:

  • Passion Fruity: Being made with (actual) passion, Passion Fruity yields a refreshing tropical flavor that combines natural sweetness, sourness with citrusy tanginess and tartness.
  • Strawberry Fruity: mixed with high-quality strawberry extract, a single teaspoon is overflowed with the berry and sweet tart flavor of ripe strawberry.
  • Mango Peach Fruity: The piquant and aromatic sweetness from peach extracts gracefully blends with the citrusy, tart flavor of mango to create a truly savory drink that is much beloved by Ami Fams.


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