Ami Machiato – Latte


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Macchiato and Latte – For a grandiose day

Traditionally, Macchiato and Latte refers to drinks with espresso and milk foam, but the milk foam itself was so beloved, and become synonymous with the word “macchiato”, thus, “macchiato milk foam”.

Macchiato milk foam has transcended into a well-know toppings for drinks beside espresso, and definitely a must try for Pure Tea, Milk Tea, Fruity Tea and Latte. You’ll be surprised by how a simple addition of the soft, creamy and thick milk foam can transform the familiar flavors into something extraordinary!

Try our selection macchiato drink and have a big sip of that milk foam! We are also offering 3 more milk foam variations just begging for you to try! Who know, it might just be your top-tier topping!


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