Ami Smoothies

Mini series – Meet our drinks series

Smoothies has been a staple in our menu since the beginning.

Like best buddies mixing and matching, our smoothies are excellently blended, with the top-quality ingredients from our Taiwanese partners to provide the most flavorful and enticing drinks:

  • Strawberry Ami: the sweet tart and berry flavor we all know, and love is perfectly captured and bolstered with the creamy and soft texture. An additional mango boba can also add an extra fruity goody if you’re down for something sweet.
  • Berry Ami: Blueberry’s flavor itself is a combination of red and green grape taste, mingling to create a sweet, tart, but all around delightful, making it the perfect fruit to be purée into a great frosty drink to ease your worry and chill with.
  • Mango Ami: A tantalizing purée of mango blended with love (and milk), to create a perfectly creamy texture that highlight the signature citrusy, tart flavor of mango. It is then topped off with 4-season jelly melting into a mouthful of fruity flavors.

Blitz your day up with our delicious healthy smoothies!


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